1. This is great to be able to start over. I just found you in December. I'm practicing every day and collecting wonderful songs. Thanx, Vi!

  2. Kathy Baird Shand says:

    Thank you Vi!

  3. Much obliged, Vi!

  4. Anne Parkinson says:

    This is a joy of a find. I appreciate your efforts and your willingness to share.

  5. You're welcome, Kathy! It's been a pleasure.

  6. That's so exciting, Katie! Keep rocking it!

  7. You're welcome. Scott. Thanks for all that you do in the Fiddling Community.

  8. You're welcome, Anne. It is my pleasure to play music, and share it with you.

  9. William Bechard says:

    What a lovely time I’ve spent looking forward and playing the “Tune a day” . I am impressed that you would make yourself available to so many sharing your obvious gift of fiddle music and, as I have come to see, you play the guitar rather well to boot!
    All the best, William Bechard

  10. Thanks so much, William. It’s been quite a fun and wild adventure. And now, I’m moving forward to

    Fiddle on!

  11. Katie! Found you! Oh girl how wonderful that the world can bring us back to each other!!!!!! Singing in Oklahoma at the local thearther and sing in a 40-50's band!!!!!

  12. Then i have my day job of 37 years! Hugs from Harper!!!!!

  13. Connie Campbell Ward says:

    I just found you as I was checking out different versions of "Flowers of Edinburgh". I joined the email and subscribed. Do you have a pdf of the list of songs by day number that I can download and have a convenient way to look for a particular song?

  14. I don't have a PDF of the tune list, but you can search my website by tune name. Thanks for asking, Connie.

  15. I have to admit to a twinge of jealousy. Your Fiddle Tune a Day for a full year project was sheer genius, and the mailing list (to which I subscribed) was even more ingenious. You have done a superb job of engaging your readership, and your example is one worth emulating.

    Even more interesting is watching the steady progress of improvement in the video production quality over time.

    Your email is one of the few that I really look forward to getting every day.

  16. Thanks, Howard. It was 99% perspiration. I'm really glad that you are enjoying my project. :)

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