49 Cats in a Rain Barrel – Fiddle Tune a Day – Day 190


I really like the way 49 Cats (in a  B ends the phrases. To me, it is reminiscent of a cat howling. I had to pull up a recording of Orville Burns playing it to make sure that I played the B Part of it correctly. The A Part has a really distinctive melody with […]

Hell Amongst the Yearlings – Fiddle Tune a Day – Day 183


Woo Hoo! We are half way through the year. It’s day 183 out of 366 days in this wonderful leap-year-full of Fiddle Tune a Day. Today, I felt like playing a tune that I don’t  play often, but really enjoy. Hell Amongst the Yearlings is just a fun tune to play. It reminds me of […]

Gold Rush – Fiddle Tune a Day – Day 171


I have spent the last couple of days judging the National Oldtime Fiddler’s Contest, and let me tell you, this is not a job for those who lack stamina. We start judging at 8:00AM, and don’t get done until 10:00PM or later. (They do give us some breaks, and food along the way, but it […]

Edelweiss – Fiddle Tune a Day – Day 160


Who knew there were so many flat-out beautiful tunes out there. Edelweiss is another one of those contenders for the most beautiful song contest in my book. Rodgers and Hammerstein really hit a home run with this one. There are a lot of good songs in “The Sound of Music”, but to me this one […]

What a Wonderful World – Fiddle Tune a Day – Day 150


Wedding Season has officially begun, and I’m going to be playing 2 weddings this coming weekend. And, I’m looking forward to it. Playing wedding music is always fun, and the people at the wedding are some of the happiest people I get to play for. So, today’s fiddle tune comes from a practice where I […]

Texas Serenade – Fiddle Tune a Day – Day 149


One of the frustrating things about doing a new fiddle tune every day is that I often don’t get to spend as much time as I would like preparing a tune for the day. In fact, sometimes, the first time I played the tune was for the camera, and it’s done in one take. The […]

Bye Bye Blues – Fiddle Tune a Day – Day 134


Bye Bye Blues has been my dad’s favorite tune to play on tenor banjo for as long as I can remember. I really like how he takes off with it, speeding it up to breakneck speed. I’m still amazed at how fast he can whip that banjo up. Today, we put on a Mother’s Day […]

Blue Eagle Hornpipe – Fiddle Tune a Day – Day 123


I first heard Blue Eagle Hornpipe on an Orville Burns Jam Session recording that I got from a friend. I remember Bill Jones and Matt Wyatt to figure out the names of some of the tunes I didn’t know by playing them over the phone. This was one of them. I also have a recording […]

Blanchard’s Hornpipe – Fiddle Tune a Day – Day 120


Blanchard’s Hornpipe is a tune that I have heard a handful of times before, but I can’t place where. There’s a good chance I have a recording of Benny Thomasson Playing it somewhere. I was reading through Cole’s 1000 fiddle tunes, and picked it out a couple of days ago. Tonight I decided to work […]

12th Street Rag – Fiddle Tune a Day – Day 119


12th Street Rag is another tune that I used to play with my Grandpa, and my dad as a kid. I didn’t really do anything fancy with it until I heard Danita Rast play it. While, I incorporated some of her fanciness in it, and a little of my own, she has one of the […]