Swing Fiddling Workshop – Live on [my] Talent Forge

Justin Branum - Swing FiddlerI’m really excited by how [my] Talent Forge is beginning to take shape. We are launching a bi-monthly series of workshops that will be hosted as a live streaming event and Google hangout on the [my] Talent Forge website.

These workshops will be held at 4:00PM on the last Sunday of even months at 4:00PM EST. The first one will be held Sunday, February 23rd 2014 at 4:00PM EST.

Swing Fiddling 101 is the first workshop of the 2014 Talent Forge Hangout Workshops series. And, we have a great Teacher to host it, Swing Fiddler Extraordinaire, Justin Branum.

If you want to be a “live” participant of the event, there are only 5 tickets available for purchase, but anyone can watch the live stream, and post a comment if they have questions or comments for Justin.

When the live stream is complete, the archive workshop will be available for [my] Talent Forge Members, or available for purchase as a digital download.

All of the Details (And a Teaser of Justin’s playing are available here (The event will also be held online on this page.)


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  1. Tom W illiams says

    I don’t see where to get the digital download for the Swing Fiddle workshop….or the price. Tom Williams. Raleigh, NC

  2. says

    Hi Tom,

    The archive download of the workshop is available on this page: http://www.mytalentforge.com/swing-fiddling-101-justin-branum/

    I’m uploading the file right now, so it should be ready for download in about 30 minutes. The material that Justin covered is really great. He covered a lot of ground from beginning swing improvisation techniques up through some more advanced techniques near the end. I could easily watch it 2 or 3 more times and still learn new things.


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