Someone Like You – an Odyssey in Persistence (and Patience)

Nothing is ever as easy as you think it’s going to be. Seldom has this phrase been more true than in the making of this music video.

This journey began in the summer of 2011 with a trip to Wizard Academy to participate in the Musician’s Round Table. During my time in Austin, I was inspired to arrange a song that could get real radio airplay, a song that would have mass-market appeal.

Before this, all of my projects were just because I wanted to do them. There isn’t anything wrong with doing art for the sake of art. But, when you approach music, it’s usually not the most fiscally sound method of making a living.

So, I decided that I would write or produce and arrange something that would be a radio hit. I wasn’t going to create something that I wouldn’t enjoy, but I was going to include commercial viability as part of the equation.

I wasn’t really sure what song I was going to try first until a few months later when Christina suggested that I record a country rendition of Adele’s #1 pop hit – Someone Like You and that I should have Paul Chet sing the lead vocals on it.

So, the wheels started turning. How could I take this classic pop tune and make it something that would honor the original song, but do something that would be different enough to be interesting and unique.

When Adele recorded Someone Like You, she did it in a clean and minimalist fashion – just her and her piano. So, I went in the opposite direction. I took a banjo to replace the piano on the signature arpeggios, and added acoustic guitar, fiddle, funky electric bass, drums, shaker and  guiro (Hugh Castor).

So, we finished recording in October of 2012 – it seems like forever ago. As things unfolded, I had another project finishing up around that time, and Someone Like You went on the back burner again, but I never let it fall off of the stove completely. And, the mixing and mastering of the single completed which happened in April of 2013. And the single arrived in the mail completed on June

We actually started recording the footage for this video while we were in the studio recording. We recorded for the video 4 more times, and incorporated footage from a big show we played before we had collected everything that’s in the video.

When we finished the rough draft of the video, I contacted Universal Publishing, who owns the sync licensing rights for Someone Like You. I got an email back saying that they would be in touch. I waited a couple of weeks, and didn’t hear anything so I shot them a follow up email, which also got no response. After sending out a third email another month later, I gave up on being able to buy a license for creating this video through the “proper channels”. Sync licenses cover royalties paid for using a composition in a video. (Before I started this project I didn’t even know that sync licensing existed.)

To top it off, there was a hard drive failure, and the video project files were lost. Honestly, I didn’t think the music video was ever going to be completed. But, I still had a glimmer of hope.

In stepped iKE ALLEN, who was willing to create show videos from some of our Whiskey Chickens performances. When those were finished, the spark of hope that we could finish Someone Like You was rekindled. iKE was willing to help, but Christina stepped back in and finished the project out in a way we could all be proud of.

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I do, and if you like it, give it a share (or a like or a comment.) AND, if you LOVE it, buy Someone Like You as an MP3 download here and pay whatever you think it’s worth!

Thanks for being awesome!


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