Master Scale System – Violin eBook with Audio


The Master Scale System is more than just a scale method book. It’s an advanced scale system for covering all 12 major and minor scales in 3 octaves using one interconnected set of fingerings.  This product is the ebook and digital audio as a download.

Product Description

Scales! We love to hate them, but there is no doubt in any rational violinist’s mind that scales work. They are one of the fastest ways to increase the dexterity of your left hand, improve your intonation, and increase your overall familiarity with your violin.

***This is an advanced scale system covering 3-octave major and minor scales, and is not appropriate for beginners. ***

This violin scale system is created with the end in mind. If you spend 30 minutes a day playing this scale system, you will be amazed by the improvements you notice in your playing over the next month.

AND, I am so confident in this scale system that, if you work with the system daily for 30 days and don’t notice a substantial improvement in your comfort in position, and familiarity with the fingerboard, I will give you your money back!

I call it a scale system, because it’s not just a series of scales. The fingerings carry over from one key to the next, and each key flows into the next. The notated fingerings have been chosen to flow smoothly within the scale system, and it is important that you use consistent fingerings within the scales. There isn’t a quicker way that I have found to cover all 12 major and minor scales. The minor scales are melodic minor, so they cover both the raised and lowered 6th and 7th scale degrees.

The scale system comes accompanying audio in 3 speeds, so that you can start out playing along with it slow, and work up your speed as your comfort progresses.


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