Paul Chet Band Play for Flood Relief

Paul Chet and The Whiskey Chickens - photo courtesy of Christina Gressianu Photographer http://www.photocg.coPaul Chet and the Whiskey Chickens featuring Vi Wickam on Fiddle will join a star studded cast at the Budweiser Event Center attempting to raise $100,000 to assist victims of the recent Colorado Flood.

This concert will be held October 17th Starting at 7:00PM. Get your Tickets now before the event is SOLD OUT!



Colorado Flood Foundation

Re:   Neighbors Helping Neighbors Benefit Concert

Contact:   Colorado Flood Foundation 501c 3

Rob Frank, Publicist


Fax: 417-678-6530

[email protected]

Flood Victim Concert Planned in Hopes of Raising Thousands

Loveland –CO,  Colorado Flood Foundation announced today they plan to have a Neighbors Helping Neighbors Benefit Concert in hopes of raising $100,000.00 or more for the victims in a 4 county region.  The organization will host the event on October 17, 2013 at 7:00 pm at the Budweiser Event Center in Loveland, a venue that can seat up to 7200 people. Colorado Flood Foundation acquired the help of a National Producer from the Branson, MO area to coordinate the event. Rob Frank, originally born and raised in Loveland, will head up the event planning. Organizers plan to have local and National talent at the event along with a pool of National and Local Celebrities. Event planners state it will be an exciting night with plans on giving financial support to victims that night.

Rochelle Wanberg the founder of the Colorado Flood Foundation states, “Unfortunately, funds do not always go to the victims when you donate to a cause, but 100% of the proceeds raised by our organization will go directly to the victims. Everything needs to go to the people who lost their homes and possessions this month.”  Wanberg felt hopeless after the catastrophic events that took place and immediately decided to do something to help the four hardest hit areas.  Tickets for the event are $20.00 per person, but Law Enforcement, Rescue Workers, Firefighters, Active National Guard and Flood Victims can attend the event for free.

If you need victim assistance or would like to volunteer please call 720-204-6165 or text 720-545-0669 or go to


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  1. Keighly frank says:

    I was the 12 year old girl in front row watching u but I play violin at my school and I admire u you for playing u were a good player I have been playing for 2 3/4 years do u have any tips I should use in my class I was n orchestra last year but now I am in the ensemble now please respond!

    Keighly Frank (pronounced key lee)

  2. Hi Keighly, I talked to your mom a couple of nights ago when I played violin at the Hope Lives Gala. I’m glad you enjoyed the show. I’m glad that you are in orchestra, and string ensemble. I played in Orchestra all through junior high, high school, and college. I recommend that you find friends that like playing music, and get together with them and play music. If you can afford it, I would recommend getting private lessons, or joining an online music lessons program such as

    Make sure that you are always enjoying your music, and the time you spend practicing will pay off big time in your life. You won’t believe the opportunities that will happen in your life and the doors that will be opened for you if you stick with it! Keep in touch.


  3. Hi. Thank u for responding, I have been in private lessons for a while, I love it, we are playing here comes Santa clause in orchestra hard but I play 2nd violins first chair. I have problembs with sharps and flats and naturals do u know any ways to help me get faster and better with those 3??

    Your fan, Keighly

    Ps. I watch ur videos on you tube every day and I love watching ur fiddle tune dailys!!!!!!!

  4. O and did I mention rob frank is my 2nd cousin. And shawna’s group shawna is my aunt

  5. Hi Keighly,

    You didn’t mention it, and that is great! It’s awesome that you have so much music around you. :) I’m also glad to hear that you are getting to take private lessons. I have some scale exercises that could really help you with your intonation, and playing sharps, naturals, and flats in tune. Keep in touch!


  6. Hi VI,

    i just got a full size vilon iit is a good violin it is from the 30′s it is from my tutor i have a question, should i put some tapes where my fingr=ering is i hysve s hsrd time lining up since it is a diffrent violin and size. please respond,

  7. That is awesome, Keighly! Congratulations!

  8. hi again, si should i put tapes on and it has only E string fine tunner and i have a hard time peg tuneing right now in class so my teacher said to get fine tunners but my touter says no…….. should i put tapes on and get three more fine tunners?

    yours, Keighly

  9. Hi Keighly. I think that really listening to your intonation and adjusting to what you hear is to most important thing to playing in tune. I do think it’s a good idea to get fine tuners for all 4 strings if you have trouble getting it in tune with the pegs. I don’t use tapes for my students because I find that they listen more carefully when they aren’t trying to use their eyes to see if they are in tune instead of their ears.

    Good luck!

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