Old School Old Time Review – Indie Showcase

old-school-old-time-fidddle-whamdiddleThis review of Old School Old Time was just too cool to not pass on. I am humbled by some of the kind words that Wendy McCall had to say about our album.

“This entire album could be used in teaching up-and-coming Fiddle want-to-be’s. Vi Wickam is definitely one of the best out there and has pulled out all stops on each track.”

“Steve Eulberg has certainly not disappointed his loyal fans with his Hammered & Mountain Dulcimers. What fine picking!!. His sound and timing is once again perfection. Is there nothing Steve can’t achieve? … Steve Eulberg carries these fine traditions in music with pride and expertise.”

“Traditional Folk Music never sounded so good. They have chosen 15 of the finest Old Time tunes known to man. They have even slipped in original songs that will both impress you and induce fits of toe tapping and/or foot stomping throughout “Old School Old Time”. This is an energetic mix that is as addictive as it is fun.”

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