Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to you! I hope you have an awesome Birthday!



After you watch the video, you can go here to learn how to say Happy Birthday in LOTS of languages.


  1. Thanks, Vi! :) You rock my socks!

  2. You’re welcome, JT.

  3. Lani Nielsen says:

    awe! thank you… it was Happy! It will be even more happy tamale when I share it with you!

  4. Good to hear, Mom!

  5. Excellent, thanks, Vi!

  6. Louise Mytinger says:

    Happy Birthday Diggs! Hope it was a great day!

  7. Kim Jankow LeRoy says:

    Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy. Thank you!

  8. Kim Jankow LeRoy says:

    Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy. Thank you!

  9. You’re welcome, Kim!

  10. Thaaaaaaank yooooou sooo muuuch! Vi Wickam

  11. やられたっ!

  12. Bravo! I wish to be a fiddler like you.

  13. This is the reason people play music for ! Bravo \(^o^)/

  14. 鷲見さん
    遅ればせながら、私からもHappy Birthday!

  15. ありがとうございます。また明日から年を忘れて、年甲斐も無いことに挑戦しようと思います。よろしくお願いいたします。

  16. Ting-Ting Gronberg says:

    thanks so much it's definitely something different.

  17. Thank, you. That is very kind of you!

  18. Nance Lehman says:

    Thanks, Vi. I <3 it!

  19. Vi the Fiddle Guy! You are funny…Don't forget me on Aug. 17th! Nance you as SO LUCKY to have this played for you!!!! LOVE IT

  20. Thank you!!

  21. Ok – that’s like the coolest thing ever! Thanks :))

  22. You’re welcome, Viveka. And, Thanks. :)

  23. Nothing has changed since we weree kids jumping on your trampoline dude! Your smile especially. I remember that very well. Your skills however… you are better than ever! I always enjoy your videos! Thanks so much for the birthday wishes!

  24. Hey Priscilla! Those were some good times. Thanks a bunch for your kind words. AND, today is Aaron's birthday too! I hope you had a great birthday. :)

  25. TY! So awesomel Gonna send to all my friends/family on THEIR birthdays :D

  26. You're welcome, Irene! Go for it. :)

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