A Gig Calendar? Here?!?!

gig-calendar-for-vi-wickam-vithefiddlerWell, I put if off as long as I could. I keep a pretty busy schedule, so I try to keep my life as simple as possible. This allows me to spend as much of my time as possible doing the things that I really care about – teaching fiddle, performing, and spending time with my family and friends.

Sometimes there is a conflict between this desire for simplicity, and the realities of making money playing music. This is one of those times.

I knew that I needed to have a public-facing gig calendar at least 3 years ago. But, logistics aren’t my favorite thing ever. In fact, scheduling my fiddle lessons is the one thing about teaching that I really dread. The rest of it, I truly love, ESPECIALLY when a student has one of those quantum-leap style breakthroughs and really starts to take off.

Anyway, I have succumbed to the pressure of my publicist (who I just hired), and to the knowledge that this is a necessary part of being a musician. So, if you are interested in what I’m up to, I have a calendar.

And if you aren’t, I still have a calendar.

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    “I have succumbed to the pressure of my publicist (who[m] I just hired)”

    The only way you can find out whether your publicist is worth whatever you are paying her/him is to do what s/he tells you to do.

    Scheduling isn’t exactly my favorite activity, either, but it’s about the only way I know about to keep from running into myself on the way back.

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