Chancellor’s Waltz – Fiddle Tune a Day – Day 325

Chancellor’s Waltz is one of the prettier waltzes I know. It was written by Jim “Texas Shorty” Chancellor’s Dad.

It’s not easy, but there are quite a few Waltzes that are more difficult. And, as I tell my students, the purpose of a waltz is to be beautiful, not to be difficult.

I like how Dick Barrett said it, “When you play a waltz, you want to make people cry.”


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  1. Nance Lehman says

    Another home run, Vi. One thing I enjoy about this series is you periodically come up with a tune like this that I had completely forgotten about.

  2. Nance Lehman says

    I take a medication that effects my memory. It’s a side effect that I am willing to put up with because it helps the problem I am taking it for.

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