Difference Between Fiddle and Violin

The difference between fiddle and violin

What’s the difference between a violin and a fiddle? This is a question that I am asked at every gig I play. It is also a question that there are a LOT of answers to. Some are funny and some are serious, and I’m going to give you some of each. Funny/Joke Answers. When you […]

Barefoot Fiddler – Fiddle Tune a Day – Day 320


I really don’t know anything about this tune, except that I heard it on a Johnny Gimble album, and I liked it. I especially like the Put Your Shoes on, Put Your shoes on, followed by a pluck. To me, this tune really embodies a lot of the old-time spirit of fiddling, it’s laid back, […]

Over the Waves – Fiddle Tune a Day – Day 314


I have an interesting family memory about Over the Waves. When I was about 12, and we went to visit my Great Uncle Vincent. Vincent was quite a character. He was a World War II veteran, and was on disability. He had shell-shock, and was never quite the same after coming back from the war. […]

Walk Along John – Fiddle Tune a Day – Day 313


Tonight, I met Betse Ellis. She plays fiddle for The Wilders, and was opening for Finnders and Youngberg at Avogadro’s Number tonight. I heard that she was playing there from a couple of my students, so I stopped in to say “Hi!” on my dinner break. I brought my fiddle with me because you never […]

Devil Went Down to Georgia – Fiddle Tune a Day – Day 305


It’s Halloween, and what better fiddle tune is there to play on Halloween than Devil Went Down to Georgia? Ben Alexander joins me today. I think that Ben looks a bit like Charlie Daniels, what do you think? As a side note, the main theme of Devil Went Down to Georgia comes from a tune […]

My beliefs on the Divine

I have spent quite a bit of time over my life contemplating the universe, and thanks to my trip to Wizard Academy in June, I put down some of these thoughts on paper. Thanks to Roy H. Williams for laying the challenge out there. I think that most people are afraid to say what they […]

10 Lessons to Live By (Plus 1) – Wisdom I Believe

Anything worth doing is worth doing well. Or, in other words: Do everything you do as if unto the glory of God. Don’t let the urgent keep you from the important. Good ideas are a dime a dozen. Execution is everything. Opportunities are all around you. If your eyes are open, you will see them. […]