Leaf in the Wind with Grayson Erhard

Leaf in the Wind - Vi Wickam, Grayson Erhard

The folks at TEDx FrontRange asked me to write some music for their intro video this year. I asked my friend, Grayson Erhard to collaborate with me and this is what we came up with. We called it “Leaf in the Wind”. I’m really happy with how it turned out. The Video was produced by […]

Learn to Play Contest Style Rhythm Guitar from Daniel Carwile


Daniel Carwile is one of my favorite fiddlers. If you don’t know who Daniel is, you should. You can read about him on his [my] Talent Forge Teacher Profile. And if I were to choose my favorite rhythm guitar players in the world, Daniel would be among my top 3. Daniel’s timing is superb, and […]

New eBook – Fast Fiddle Fitness – Exercises Stretches and Warmups for String Musicians

Fast Fiddle Fitness Violin Edition

I have been interested in health for a very long time, but I started thinking about it in terms of playing music when I was a freshman at the University of Evansville attempting to double major in Viola Performance and Computer Engineering. I had a friend. We’ll call her Suzy. Suzy hadn’t practiced much in […]

Perform Like a Pro – Even When You’re Sick


My good friend, Dr. David Wallace, just posted on the [my] Talent Forge blog about how to achieve peak performance even when you’re sick. He’s doing a whole series on performance psychology, including lessons on preparation, and overcoming stage fright. He also has lots of good tips and tricks on his Youtube Channel. Checkout his […]

Someone Like You – an Odyssey in Persistence (and Patience)


Nothing is ever as easy as you think it’s going to be. Seldom has this phrase been more true than in the making of this music video. This journey began in the summer of 2011 with a trip to Wizard Academy to participate in the Musician’s Round Table. During my time in Austin, I was […]

A Gig Calendar? Here?!?!


Well, I put if off as long as I could. I keep a pretty busy schedule, so I try to keep my life as simple as possible. This allows me to spend as much of my time as possible doing the things that I really care about – teaching fiddle, performing, and spending time with […]

Play any Song You’ve Ever Heard


One of my favorite tricks when I play at a wedding is to play stump the fiddler with the guests. They get to request any tune they can think of and it’s my job to play it. Sure, I get stumped sometimes, but I have a pretty awesome record – much better than most major […]

New My Talent Forge Series – Yoga for Musicians

Yoga for Musicians

I just added a new series to the [my] Talent Forge Library. This series features a new instructor, Stephanie Sever, LMT. Stephanie is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor and Physical Therapist. The new series is called Yoga for Musicians. It features a daily warmup (to be used daily), and an additional video to follow […]

Adam Bodine Trio Live at Dazzle Jazz

adam bodine trio with Vi Wickam at Dazzle Jazz

I want to take a minute to introduce you to Adam Bodine. Adam and I have played music together on a number of occasions, and it’s always a pleasure. His love of music is contagious. Adam plays piano, and while the music he plays is Jazzy, you really can’t paint him into the “jazz” genre […]

Sinfonia Resonance Interview


Hi Everybody, I’m just dropping you a quick note about an article that you might be interested in reading. I was recently interviewed for Sinfonia Resonance, the online newsletter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfona National Music Fraternity. http://sinfoniaresonance.org/1213/spotlight.html I also saved the article as a PDF in case they ever take the article offline. Phi […]