Can Fiddlers and Violinists Play Nice?

(2nd Annual Suzuki and the Fiddler Workshop)

suzuki-violin-fiddle-summer-campLast summer, I had the pleasure of teaching with a 1-day workshop with 2 great Suzuki Teachers, Everett Goodwin and Emily Bowman. The Suzuki and the Fiddler workshop was a part of the Project Youth and Chamber Music Festival, organized by Jephta Bernstein.

It was a great experience, and there were so many kids who wanted to participate that we sold out our venue. Not once, but TWICE we had to find a bigger venue to hold all of these awesome young musicians!

In response to the demand, we have expanded the workshop to 3 days! AND, we have added more teachers so that everyone can get personal time with the instructors.

The short answer is a resounding YES! Suzuki and Fiddle teachers can get along like peas in a pod. I am really looking forward to this years workshop, and the sharing of knowledge with other great teachers.

I am certain we are going to pack it out again this year! Hope to see you there.



ps. Here is a link to all of the camp details (including signup forms).

pps. You can also download the info as a PDF here [ Suzuki and the Fiddler Flyer ].

ppps. I have some awesome videos to help you get ready for the workshop! They’re free, and you are welcome to use and share them even if you aren’t coming to the workshop. :)

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