Fiddle Tune a Day


Last October, I was inspired to make a go at the National Fiddle Contest in Weiser, ID. I haven’t been to Weiser since 2002, and if I’m going to make the trek, I want to make it worth my while. So, I started thinking about what can I do to make sure that I am […]

Leaf in the Wind with Grayson Erhard

Leaf in the Wind - Vi Wickam, Grayson Erhard

The folks at TEDx FrontRange asked me to write some music for their intro video this year. I asked my friend, Grayson Erhard to collaborate with me and this is what we came up with. We called it “Leaf in the Wind”. I’m really happy with how it turned out. The Video was produced by […]

Greeley Fiddle Contest 2014 at the Weld County Fair


If you are in the neighborhood of Greeley, Colorado the weekend of July 26th, 2014, you might want to come out to the Weld County Fair to enjoy (or participate in) the Weld County Fair Fiddle Contest. I will be judging along with 5-Time National Grand Champion Fiddler, Tony Ludiker and Katy Buckbee. I will […]

Northern Colorado Fiddle Camp 2014


It’s time to register for the Fifth Annual Northern Colorado Fiddle Camp! Registration is now open for one of my favorite teaching events of the summer. Cody Stadelmaier and I will be teaching fiddlers of all ages for 5 days at Magnolia Music Studio in Old Town – Fort Collins, CO. Students will receive lessons […]

Suzuki and The Fiddler Workshop Videos

soldier's joy free fiddle lesson

I want you to work on developing your ear by playing along with these tunes without sheet music. It’s an extra challenge for you that will pay-off by making it easier for you to learn tunes in the future. Soldier’s Joy Basic – Melody I want you to all learn the basic melody to Soldier’s […]

Can Fiddlers and Violinists Play Nice?


(2nd Annual Suzuki and the Fiddler Workshop) Last summer, I had the pleasure of teaching with a 1-day workshop with 2 great Suzuki Teachers, Everett Goodwin and Emily Bowman. The Suzuki and the Fiddler workshop was a part of the Project Youth and Chamber Music Festival, organized by Jephta Bernstein. It was a great experience, […]

Learn to Play Contest Style Rhythm Guitar from Daniel Carwile


Daniel Carwile is one of my favorite fiddlers. If you don’t know who Daniel is, you should. You can read about him on his [my] Talent Forge Teacher Profile. And if I were to choose my favorite rhythm guitar players in the world, Daniel would be among my top 3. Daniel’s timing is superb, and […]

New eBook – Fast Fiddle Fitness – Exercises Stretches and Warmups for String Musicians

Fast Fiddle Fitness Violin Edition

I have been interested in health for a very long time, but I started thinking about it in terms of playing music when I was a freshman at the University of Evansville attempting to double major in Viola Performance and Computer Engineering. I had a friend. We’ll call her Suzy. Suzy hadn’t practiced much in […]

Swing Fiddling Workshop – Live on [my] Talent Forge

Justin Branum - Swing Fiddler

I’m really excited by how [my] Talent Forge is beginning to take shape. We are launching a bi-monthly series of workshops that will be hosted as a live streaming event and Google hangout on the [my] Talent Forge website. These workshops will be held at 4:00PM on the last Sunday of even months at 4:00PM […]

Perform Like a Pro – Even When You’re Sick


My good friend, Dr. David Wallace, just posted on the [my] Talent Forge blog about how to achieve peak performance even when you’re sick. He’s doing a whole series on performance psychology, including lessons on preparation, and overcoming stage fright. He also has lots of good tips and tricks on his Youtube Channel. Checkout his […]

Someone Like You – an Odyssey in Persistence (and Patience)


Nothing is ever as easy as you think it’s going to be. Seldom has this phrase been more true than in the making of this music video. This journey began in the summer of 2011 with a trip to Wizard Academy to participate in the Musician’s Round Table. During my time in Austin, I was […]