Music is in my blood.
Every note I play is nourishment.

I came from a musical family; some of my ancestors even have a claim to fame. My Great Grandpa Joseph Wickam was a professional violinist, published composer and teacher. He used popular music of the day to keep the kids interested and inspired. My Great X 3 Uncle George R. Poulton wrote the music to Aura Lea. It’s the melody of Elvis’s Love Me Tender and of Army Blue, still sung at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

I’ve been performing and writing music since before I could read. I began studying composition and arranging in Junior High. Along with my brothers, my dad and my grandpa, The Wickam Family Band even performed regularly on Blinky’s Fun Club, a nationally syndicated TV program.

My fiddle playing can be heard on a dozen CD recordings, including three albums of my own. I’ve played with many different bands throughout the United States, and even briefly in England. I am a  four time Colorado State Fiddling Champion, and have been a finalist four times at the Grand Masters’ Fiddler Championship. I also directed the Indiana State Fiddle Contest for four years.

My musical tastes span bluegrass to classical to jazz, rock and old-time fiddle. I play guitar, mandolin, bass, and viola, but my main instrument is the fiddle. Regardless of the style of music I am playing, or the instrument, the music is in me, and I am thoroughly in the music.

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