Violin Wedding Rings

violin wedding rings

Photo by Christina Gressianu Photographer As most of you know, I’m a bit of a violin nerd. And, when I say I’m a bit of a violin nerd, it’s more like full blown fiddle/violin nerd. If I go a few days without playing my fiddle, I start getting grumpy. Last weekend, while I was judging […]

Wickam and Hawley Videos – Silvana and Friends Fundraiser

Brent Hawley and Vi Wickam

I always enjoy getting to help support young musicians. This time, Brent Hawley and I got to entertain at a fundraiser for PYCH (Project Youth and Chamber Music). It’s a program that brings professional musicians into schools to coach their string players, and help them become leaders in the school music program. And, I always […]

Long Time Comin’ – Now on Pandora!

pandora fiddling station

Woohoo! It only took 3 and a half years (Talk about a Long Time Comin’, but my album, Long Time Comin‘ is now live on Pandora! This is really exciting for me because I’ve never been available on Pandora before. It makes me feel pretty awesome. I’m even smiling right now. If you are a […]

Pete Martin adds Mandolin to [my] Talent Forge

Pete Martin Mandolin Lessons

I am super excited to welcome Pete Martin to [my] Talent Forge. I have known Pete since I was a teenager at Weiser, and Pete’s Waltz was one of the hottest waltzes at Weiser. 20 year’s later, Pete is well known around the fiddling and Mandolin world, and his namesake waltz is still as popular […]